North Entrance Surf Lifesaving Club

Welcome to North Entrance Surf Life Saving Club

We are a Club that is dedicated to training and development. Patrolling our beach is of our upmost importance and this can only be done by members working together in many aspects of the Club. We encourage fair and friendly competition, but we also emphasise fun and happiness. Every member of our Club is equal! Please respect all other members.
Peter Cooper (Director)

Help! We need someone to volunteer to be our Santa this Sunday for our Tiny Tots & Nippers Xmas Party! So why not dob your husband in or even a granddad will do? Let me know asap, thanks Nicky See MoreSee Less

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Our canteen is now offering
Fresh orange juice and berry, yoghurt, granola cups as well as gluten free banana bread.
Come down an support our Nipper Canteen this Sunday + eftpos availableπŸ‡πŸ‰πŸ’πŸ“πŸ

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Xmas Party Jumpy Castle for our Tiny Tots! Parents make sure you get in quick this Sunday & pay @ The Canteen ASAP! See MoreSee Less

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Tiny Tots & Nippers Xmas Party 11th December 2016, bring it on! See MoreSee Less

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A message from our JAC, Paul would like to thank again our 3 Officials Col Laing, John Dring & Kathryn Tracey for helping out our nippers @ The Toowoon Bay Carnival. Also to Josh & the boys for being our Water Safety. Without any of you, our nippers would not have been able to enter, so we appreciate all of you for giving up your time! See MoreSee Less

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Tiny Tot’s & Nippers Xmas Party! All payments to the Canteen ASAP this Sunday please. All families to fill in their details with the envelopes provided along with their monies.
Lots of fun & family time to be had on the day, so why not bring your famz! The whole family is invited, even your nan & pop, aunty, uncle etc……there will be raffles to help fundraise for our Tiny Tots & Nippers as well!
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We now have Eftpos Available at the Club! Don’t have any cash on you @ Nippers? No worries, the canteen now has an Eftpos Machine! See MoreSee Less

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We still need 3 Water Safety to help out our nippers for the Toowoon Bay Carnival this Sunday! Officials are organized, just waiting on you Water Safety Peeps!
Allocation Area is U13/14
I’ve attached a photo to help with my plea! Big smiles & all!

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NESLSC Xmas Party!
11th December 2016
Tiny Tots & Nippers will still be on starting 8.45am followed by jumping castles, waterslides, a visit from Santa, Santa bags for our kids & lunch provided.
Kids $5 per child
Adults $10 pp
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The Entrance Channel, Central Coast, this afternoon.

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WOW ! The Canteen looks Fantastic !

Thanks so much to All the people that made it happen.

Deb Cooper realized the need for a refurb, having seen the Member’s Bar and Function Room done. The next logical step.

Deb Cooper and Paula Ragen planned the outcome.

Patrol 1 stripped and cleaned out the area.

Deb then sourced tradies from out of town, Nathan and Paul, who did the fitout (they are now volunteering in Nepal, helping to re-build a school).

Don Cassell for the plumbing, Brian Reay electrical, who are both always there when needed.

Then, Opening Day: Deb & Bec Cooper, and Aidan Little (Barista) did an awesome job.

Next, Nicky Vercoe (Junior Secretary), stepped in and ensured the continued smooth run.

Thanks again from the Club.

And now we have a Canteen Co-ordinator, Belinda Bartle.

Don’t be shy, ask Nicky or Belinda if they need a hand.

regards, Peter Cooper See MoreSee Less

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Hi Club Members,
great to see you all at the Club, enjoying yourselves.

For your information;
Each month we have a General Meeting, even during winter.
This is our chance to get together and keep track on Club activities, business and future planning.
Every Club member is welcome to attend, express their ideas and get involved. We keep the meetings brief and to the point, and get reports from the Treasurer, Sponsor and Grants Co-ordinators, Secretary, Club Captain, Junior Committee and Social Secretary.

Many hands help run our Club and more are always welcome.

Last meeting was Sunday, 13th November, when we discussed many issues, including
x Canteen renovation
x Underground power supply and costings
x Council issues
x Grants
x Club safety equipment needs
x Financials – everyday bills and how to cover costs

It was also decided, that this year, there would be no need for a typed newsletter, due to availability of social media (faster and more efficient).

SO, Keep Your Eyes on the Club Facebook page.

Also, written information will be put onto the Canteen doors on a Sunday, and on the Noticeboard in the Members Bar.

This is your Club, please use the facilities.

If you would like to be shown through the Club, please see me (Coop, Club Pres) or Paul (Junior Pres).

Thanks again for your time, Pete Cooper

Next Meeting: Early December, TBA, Members Bar. See MoreSee Less

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Awesome weather, awesome turn out @ nippers this morning! Well done families! See MoreSee Less

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Conditions are perfect for a Bronze requal. On today at 10.30am See MoreSee Less

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Freshly squeezed orange available this Sunday @ Nippers from the canteen.
Come & check it out!
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NESLSC would like to thank Belinda Bartle who has very kindly offered her services and is our NEW Canteen Co-ordinator!
To help kick things off, the canteen will be selling coffees, from Cappuccino, Latte’s, Hot Chocolate, Long Black, Short Black, Flat White, double shots etc…. Small $3.50 Large $4

So get down to Nippers a little early & enjoy your coffee looking at our beautiful beach! See MoreSee Less

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Neslsc Twilight Nippers & Sleepover

November 19, 2016, 4:00pm – November 20, 2016, 10:00am

Nippers on Saturday 19th November 2016 starting at 4pm, followed by our 1st Nippers Sleepover in many many years, everyone is invited to come along & join the fun from our tiny tots to our rookies! Let the kids run wild and get back to basics & the good old days where the kids create their own fun & use their imagination. There are games to be played like bullrush, adults can join in as well. 44 homes is always popular and why not spotlight when the sun goes down! By that stage we should all be ready to watch a nice family movie on the big screen where the kids can fall asleep.

The sleepover is in our Function room where their are toilet facilities, kitchen etc….

Any queries, please let us know.

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Up & coming event Twilight Nippers & Club Sleepover Saturday 19th November 2016 starts 4pm. Register @ canteen this Sunday See MoreSee Less

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A Big Thank You to all my Canteen helpers/Barista Mum yesterday @ Nippers! Greatly appreciated!
I’m seeking our Under 6 parents to help me out this Sunday please.
Thanks Nicky

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Well done to our Tiny Tots yesterday & to all our parents getting involved & participating!

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Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all enjoying the start of season.

Now that we have all the aspects of the Club up and running (Patrols, Comps, Nippers) , I thought I would review some Club info, so we are all aware of The Club’s position and how we run.

Please bear with me.

We have a lot of new and returning members, and many haven’t had the chance to read the handouts.

Indeed, even the Club Board and Junior Committee (JAC) are very new.

As the Club President, I like to keep everything simple. Very, very simple. And, I like to resolve any issues very, very quickly. So, I have summarized a lot of Club info (details in Purple Bible & Club Constitution).

1) The Club’s Main Priority is Safety on the Beach. We are here to ensure the safety of the swimming public, and to educate the community, and develop our members.

Increasing patrol numbers is a necessity.Our members, who are Volunteer Life Savers are our life-blood. Without Volunteer Patrols, our Club cannot exist.

Through education, training, mateship and fun, we will instruct our young Nippers, and interested Parents/Members, to one day, hopefully, take on this most-important, rewarding role.

2) Don’t Shoot The Messengers! Our Club is just one of over 300 Clubs in Australia.
We are affiliated with, and governed by:
SLSA – Surf Life Saving Australia (National)
SLSNSW – Surf Life Saving New South Wales (State)
SLSCC – Surf Life Saving Central Coast (Branch)

Many Rules and Regulations are in place for Everyone’s Safety.
We gain much help and experience from these Associations, and endeavour to stay within their safety network.

3) 3 KEY POINTS are paramount to our continuing success as an awesome Club; (Code of Conduct)

ACCEPTANCE – listen, and accept other people’s opinions and beliefs. We all have different talents, knowledge and experiences. Don’t jump to conclusions.
RESPECT – All other members. Bullying and Harassement will not be tolerated.
MATURITY – Discuss any ideas/issues calmly and logically. Support one another.

Stay Positive – Negativity is for the weak and arrogant.

4) Who To See ?
Please direct any ideas/issues to your First Contact.
For Nippers/Parents on a Sunday or at a Carnival – please speak to your Age Manager,
Nippers/Parents at Training – see the Club Coach on duty
Age Managers – see the Starter or Chief Judge
Patrol Members – see your Patrol Captain or the Club Captain (Luke Byatt)
Senior/Master Competitors – see Senior Tour Manager (Ken Lupton)
All Members have access to our Member Protection Officer (Jamie Ragen)

ALL of these Contacts are Important, Respected Members of our Club, and have the Full Support of The Board.
Please follow all instructions given by Coaches, Age Managers, Starters and Patrol Members.

5) The Club Board and Junior Committee (JAC) are also, always available, to discuss any new ideas/issues as they arise, or discuss Club Business (Transparency)

6) Get Involved! Don’t Miss Out!
The Club and all the Benefits only exist because certain members continue to raise their hand to help out.
We are always looking for helpers. ALL skills are sort after;
Beach set-up/pack down, Water safety, Patrol Members, Officials, Trainers, Assessors, Canteen Helpers,
through to Admin Positions; Banking, Grants /Sponsor Co-ordinator, etc.

7) Learn New Skills (Member Development)
Fantastic Life Skills on offer – First Aid, Resuscitation, Bronze Medallion, and more
Paddle a ski or board, learn beach sprints and flags. Don’t hold back.

8) Be Thankful – you are now a member of one of the Best Clubs on the East Coast of Australia, The best country in the world.

Our Success is not merely measured by trophies in a cabinet, but by the number of members that we help develop into Great Australians.

Please, introduce yourself and your family, to myself and the Board members.
Have fun, and together, let’s keep this Club awesome !

Thanks for your time, Peter Cooper (President, NESLSC) See MoreSee Less

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We need helpers for the Nippers carnival this weekend ! Water safety people and 2 Officials please let us know if you can help πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜„ See MoreSee Less

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Thank you to all the helpers that turned up bright and early, and got the club organized for nippers. Your efforts are much appreciated.
Also, congratulations to the parents who stepped up to become Age Managers. This is an important role that ensures the success of Nipper days and is vital to the kids education and well-being.
It was fantastic to see all our Nippers running hard on the sand, and then heading to the lake and giving everything a go. All real champions.
BUT, don’t let the kids have all the fun. Parents, jump in and lend a hand, and meet some awesome members, and help us keep the Club running smoothly.
In particular, we need a canteen co-ordinator. But all skills are needed at the club, from admin to water safety. Just have a friendly chat with any of our committee.
Thanks for another great day, Peter Cooper
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Great turn up for our first nippers day ! See you all next Sunday or if kids wish to do the carnival at Wamberal please let us know ASAP πŸ‘πŸ¬πŸ„πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ„πŸΌπŸŠπŸŠπŸ»β€β™€οΈ See MoreSee Less

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Our NEW Club Canteen will be opening this Sunday.
Debbie will run it this week but we will need a Canteen Coordinator if you want it open each week.
Anyone interested in the position or wants to help Sunday call Debbie 0405464954
The canteen can close during nippers so you dont miss your childs events, we just need it open before and after nippers. If we can get a couple of people to run it would make it much easier

Also there will be a training session this Saturday 2.30pm in canteen for anyone keen to learn how to use our new Coffee Machine so they can help in canteen as well.
So remember no more need to drop in for coffees before or after nippers.
Sit back and enjoy a coffee and the view at Nth Enny See MoreSee Less

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Our first nipper carnival U8 – U14’s is Nov 6th @ Wamberal.
Need names this Sunday
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Surfing is back for 2016
Meet Gavin at the Surf club at 7am
U9’s and up welcome
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